Allium Fields Forever

Knowing how well the trial of onions faired in 2019, this year’s plan to expand the allium harvest has been on point. With over 2000 garlic stretching into warrior one pose, 3500+ onions have gone from seed to sprout and into the ground. Fingers crossed deluges and other unknown forces keep out of the way and allow these hardy transplants to flourish.

Still, we know this is only but a small contribution to the local food network.
Earth day idealism: imagining, we have at the farm but an acre and a half to sow seeds. Even if we wanted to, we could not feed all but a fraction of the east bay. Now, if home gardens carved out just portions of their urban lawns or open spaces, surely we’d fair better at feeding ourselves and each other while offsetting carbon prints.

There are great videos of course for how to garden like a farmer, but the truth is there is no learning without trial and error. If it were up to us, we’d be setting up shop on your southern facing yards fitting all kinds of seedlings and transplants into each nook and cranny.

Be brave this year and tear out that 1950’s lawn. Why grow something green if it’s not making it into your smoothie?

–Farmer Dan