A Farm School … More Than a Farm

Often when folks stop in at the farm stand for the first time, they’ll ask “what’s in the name?”

Surely one of our board members/farmers will get long winded quickly about it and explain that while we’ve been doing it all as volunteers in this or first full year as a .org, we are a farm school because our mission asks us to educate with respect to all the farming we enjoy.

We strive to provide educational opportunities to the community with respect to sustainable farming and food practices while also being a space for the community to drop off food scraps, volunteer and learn what goes into farming using organic methods. From interns and youth groups, to local students or corporate outings, we invite anyone and everyone to come and learn with us.

It is important that we minimize our footprint. And locally produced and sourced food is one sure way of doing it.

We ourselves are always studying and learning from the best farmers around, through books and videos, and we want to pass along the knowledge we’re gaining.

So next time you stop in, ask one of us for a farm tour and we can offer you a bit of insight into what we do here at the farm school.

Cucurbit and Solanaceae

Mid and late July bring these families of fruit into hyper mode. We’re picking squash daily and the nightshades are really taking off– cucumbers and tomatoes are just about ready for market. Our pumpkin row is doing well and fall will be fun with a few pumpkins on the ground.

We’re excited to be able to offer these fruits and hope to expand these offerings next year. We expect an awesome selection of melons next summer plus a steady supply of summer squash and fruit.

As always remember to swing by the farm stand to meet the board and volunteers and pick up great produce and honey.

Saturday market opens @ 9 a.m. each week.


We are trialing early (8 week), mid (10 week), and late (12 week) potatoes this year. Today we pulled our first plant and we found tubers … totally stoked for these. And easy to grow … a few weeks of pest control by hand eye coordination and we were all set …

Now we know we can grow potatoes here … love sandy soil helps.

Now, how shall we cook them?!

July at the Farm

July is here and it’s wondrous heat … we’ll get a beach day in there but early July means lots of transplanting of beets and beans and direct seeding of carrots and other crops for a successful fall harvest.

It’s peak season for vacation and holiday play and for us that means bucking down and fortifying our investments in the soil and our mission.

So much to come in the near and far .

Social Hour at the Farm

Every Wednesday evening we gather for farm chores and to socialize …volunteers, drinks, food, community. Meeting new people and building relationships is what we’re all about.

New Volunteers

Kelly G., founder of ‘Change for the Better’ brought a handful of volunteers to the farm this morning for Working Wednesday. And we have first time visitor Lisa F. who found the farm to be incredible!

Thanks for joining us and becoming a part of our farm.

Redwood Nursery Blueberry Bushes

We are continuously thankful and grateful for Redwood Nursery’s donations of plants, seeds, and assistance. We are lucky and honored to have Redwood as a generous neighbor


Welcome to B’town Farm School. We look to up cycle and create as needed. Have any hidden talents? We love when neighbors and volunteers offer their expertise and help to build us up.

Late June and into July will bring onions, potatoes, carrots and more to the farm stand.

Then we await our tomatoes … we’re excited for a full assortment of veggies late summer deep into the fall.

Working Wednesdays

Our Summer intern @pb_paige teaches 3 year old in cutting flowers and ornamental grasses for bouquets during our working wednesday volunteer session.

This summer, join us for working Wednesdays, where we open the farm to volunteers of all ages and abilities to assist in a variety of farm chores and projects. We host working Wednesdays from 9:00-10:00 a.m. and 6:30-7:30 p.m. every week. Reach out to Farmer Dan to get involved, or email us!

Farm Stand

At Barrington Farm School we relish in community and are funded by grants and donations. To that end, the farm stand is always open to customers on a self serve, self pay basis. Simply choose your produce or products, then add your donation amount (we post desired pricing) and drop $$$ into the red cash box. EVERY SATURDAY WE ARE AT THE FARM STAND TO ANSWER QUESTIONS AND TO MEET AND GREET WITH THE COMMUNITY (9AM-12PM)