Farm School Reflections

Welcome! Each week, we’ll be featuring a member of the BFS community talking about the many ways volunteers can get involved, have fun, and learn at the Farm School. 

August 5, 2022

This week, board member Wayne Leaver talks about the  Farm School’s unique atmosphere of discovery and enthusiasm. He describes the Farm School as a place that lets each person show up as they are and do the work they care about–no expectations, just welcoming plants and even more welcoming people. His journey with the Farm School began with the discovery of BFS’s incredible worm tea and has progressed throughout his time as a member of the BFS community. Wayne reminds us to stay curious about all the Farm School has to offer. At the farm school, the friendships that arise, the new things we learn, all the wonder that comes from working outside with others all keep cycles of knowledge and growth going. Thank you so much, Wayne, for sharing this reflection with us and for all that you do!

July 29, 2022

This week, BFS volunteer Deb shares a little bit about how she connected with the Farm School. Not too long ago she took a tour and fell in love with BFS. She has been coming back regularly ever since. Deb can be found in the rows on harvest days, teaching during school group visits, and leading tours for prospective volunteers. Her story is so wonderful because it is a reminder that finding community comes from moments when we jump in and say yes to something new–even if we feel nervous or unsure. She shares the joy that comes from braving uncertainty to find connection. Thank you so much, Deb, for this reflection and for all you do as a part of this community.

To our current volunteers: thank you for taking that first leap and joining us. We’re so glad you’re here. And to any prospective volunteers feeling unsure of how to get involved or nervous at the prospect: you’re welcome here! Come on out for a tour, for Harvest Club, or on a Saturday morning. We look forward to meeting you and learning with you.

July 22, 2022

Listen at BFS

This week, Barrington Farm School’s Lead Grower Jessalyn shared a bit about what it means to spend time outside at the Farm School. Jessalyn works in collaboration with volunteers in the rows, and she leads harvests, washes, and stocking sessions of the Farm Stand each Friday from 4-6p.m. at Harvest Club. She can be found helping things grow and making harvests happen pretty much every day of the week!

The Farm School is truly a sight to behold at this time of year with all of its fresh produce and beautiful flowers. As Jessalyn points out, it’s not just the sights of the Farm that are magical, it’s the sounds and the chance to be in community with each other that make BFS so full of wonder. The Farm School is a place to turn inward and listen, to reflect and be grateful as we work together and alone in the rows and at the Farm Stand. This video features clips of the Farm School in all of its glory: with the buzzing of bees, the rustle of footsteps, the chirping of birds, and the wind making its way through the pollinator pathway’s tall sunflowers. This week, if you get a chance, come visit the Farm School to listen for yourself, or, wherever you are, take a second and pause to hear some of the nature announcing itself in your neck of the woods! There’s so much to be learned from taking a moment to listen. Thank you, Jessalyn, for all that you do and for this reminder to keep listening to the natural world that’s all around us.

July 15, 2022

Harvest at BFS

This week, as we celebrate an impressive harvest at BFS, it seems fitting to reflect on all of the hard work our volunteers put in to make this fresh produce possible. Beverly Migliore, the vice president of the BFS board shared many wonderful insights about the journey a head of lettuce takes to find its way to our farm stand. 

BFS produce starts its life as a tiny seed or sprout and eventually makes its way to one of the beautiful rows. Under the care of our volunteers, each BFS plant is watered and gets lots of sun. This produce might fall prey to some nibbling bunnies or deer, but most of it grow strong under a layer of BFS’s very own compost. When crops like lettuce are ready to be harvested, our volunteers lace up their boots, put on their hats, and spend mornings and evenings at the Farm School to make it all happen. 

Harvest season is a joyful time, so let’s take a moment of gratitude for the beautiful land that allows our plants to grow and the wonderful community of volunteers who work together all year long. Happy Harvest! And thank you, Beverly, for reminding us to pause in wonder and think about long path from seed to farm stand.