Spring Rain

The crackling lighting’s rolling thunder had us counting Mississippi this Sunday evening.

For those awake then or awakened, the energy in the storm gripped us, not fearfully, though emboldening us, not timidly, but encouraging us to hold strong, to push through with force.

It had been a while since this farmer recalled a thunderstorm as intense, and perhaps in replicating the intensity of the moment we are embracing together at a distance, the spring storm relayed a message from on long ago.

Do you not wonder and recall how those first storms affected human beings, how we must have huddled and sought shelter, relying on each other for comfort?

If ever it were a time to huddle together it is now. We take care of ourselves in our isolation, careful and cautious, so that we may gather once again en masse.

By now we have consolidated, and we breathe in and out together, deeply aware of all that is taking place around us. We are there for each other. A phone call, a letter, a video conference – we connect and care for each other- weathering the storm.