Trails and Trail Mix

Organically grown is a label which goes beyond food. At our farm like that of so many others organically grown has all to do with the relationships that come together simply from an idea of one person being taken on by another.

Carrying a big stick! Trailblazing in the woody acre

When we posted our Trails and Trail Mix idea in our recent newsletters, one of our awesome farm friends said, “we’ll be there!” Sure enough, with a seven family crew and a few tag along friends, trailblazing and winter bliss was had by all.

Clearing the way for the future events space underneath mid century oaks

While some of us focus on seeds or event planning, our farm crew’s diversity includes career campers and trekkers. For these folks the trailheads and pathways being set into the woody acre will be a sure way to escape the scold of the summer heat. Nothing says clear your head like a meandering down a mossy and clover laden sanctuary.

Turkey tails on an old log

Most impressive in the day was the vigor in the children taking charge in clearing new trails. They sure earned their trail mix and hot cocoa afterward.


The farm made new friends today and friends made the farm triumphant. Here’s to another great day at the farm school.

This crew brought it