Local Food-Print Event Brings Together Local Foodies

Free Ticket to Event

Being held in the Gardiner Dining Hall at St. Andrew’s School in Barrington, RI – Local Food-Print’s line up of talented and dedicated folks from within the local food industry will share, hope, and dream about how they plan to continue to enrich the local food movement, especially as concerns sourcing and providing locally grown, densely nutritious foods for the local community.

The line up includes local chefs and business owners such as Prica Farina, Barrington Butchery, and speakers from Rhode Island Food Policy, and McCoy Community Farm.

Here is the full line up for the day:

Intro by Dan Penengo, Board of Directors at Barrington Farm School

Presentation, Rob DeLuise, Flik Independent School Dining and Chef at St. Andrew’s School

Speaker, Matt McClelland, Backyard Food Company

Speaker, Nessa Richman, Rhode Island Food Policy Council

Speaker/Presenter, Spencer Morris, Sowams Cider Works Company

Speaker/Presenter, Priscila Moritz and David Strenio, Prica Farina Fresh Pasta Co.

Speaker, Jane Donnelly and Team, McCoy Community Farm

Speaker/Presenter, Larry Russolino, Barrington Butchery

Speaker/Presenter, Mike Seward and Chris Darling, East Bay Homebrew Club