The Making of Community

With the summer a fading memory, and as the methodical takeover of night over day encroaches on our vitamin D rich bodies and minds, we take pause to reflect on the community in which we live and breathe.

While it was evident to us that the farm would enjoy success, we certainly could not have envisioned how the community would embrace the farm this summer.
Here are a few of the numbers from the season:

  1. Over 80 volunteers ranging from 2 years old to those over 80 gave an hour or more of their time to assist the farm with the chores and harvest.
  2. Well over 3,000 volunteer hours of community service at the farm recorded.
  3. Farm support via social media doubled, both on Instagram and Facebook, going from 600 followers to over 1,100 on each platform

While we are still collecting the data as to the amounts of food we sold to the community, and try to figure out how many customers came to the farm stand, we know that we:

  1. Assisted our brothers and sisters in Central Falls
  2. Donated groceries to local families in need
  3. Diverted tons of food scrap from the “waste” stream

Now is an opportune time to become a part of the farm school community, especially through volunteerism. The outdoors continues to be the place to be and the farm is enjoying many visitors, especially families, and middle schoolers.
Where is everyone else, we wonder? Come out and join us as we remediate the soil, plant garlic, prep for winter, and get ready to sow seeds in February.

The farm is here for all of us, all of you.